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Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring Guide 


Life can get messy (and sometimes soggy!), but waterproof flooring makes our days more manageable. Functional and ever-so-fashionable, waterproof flooring options can now be found by the hundreds. Whether you need carpeting, luxury vinyl flooring, tile, or even genuine hardwood, we have the perfect waterproof option to fit your space and style. 


At Casey Carpet One Floor & Home of Lubbock and Amarillo, TX, we’re always on the hunt for more ingenious ways to floor, and our waterproof flooring inventory never disappoints.


Benefits of Waterproof Flooring


Before searching for a waterproof floor, it’s essential to understand how waterproof flooring works. “Waterproof” and “moisture-resistant” aren’t quite the same. Moisture-resistant floors are designed to handle minor daily moisture but won’t necessarily protect against major spills and accidents.



Waterproof flooring takes a firmer stance on moisture control. Whatever type of waterproof floor you prefer, you can expect the same results. Puddles and splashes will be effectively trapped on the floor’s surface, where they can be removed entirely using a fresh towel.



Our Waterproof Flooring Collection


Casey Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be part of North America’s largest independent flooring cooperative. We’re equipped to handle all your waterproof flooring needs with our impressive variety and value. Here, you’ll find all your favorite flooring brands, along with enticing options that can only be found at Carpet One affiliates. Please visit us soon to browse our latest waterproof flooring product displays.


More on Waterproof Flooring 


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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

While most luxury vinyl floors are water resistant, there

are a few that are entirely waterproof. What makes luxury

vinyl waterproof is its core being made up of non-absorbent

materials. Take a look at our Invincible H2O flooring, a Carpet

One exclusive brand that is totally waterproof and tough as nails.

Get the wood look you want in places like your kitchen and bathroom.




Tile Flooring

Some floors are naturally water resistant like tile.

Tile is your go-to flooring option for kitchens and

bathrooms alike. It is both a heat resistant and low

maintenance option. You can install tile on both floors

and walls, and they are typically sealed with waterproof

grout. Some tile is more porous than others, so be sure

to talk to one of our professionals about what kind of

tiles can handle more moisture.




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Waterproof Carpet

Even carpet now comes in waterproof option.

Carpet One has developed a carpet that is 100%

waterproof, meaning spills and stains will not soak

through to your subfloor. Take a look at Tigressa H2O,

this is the perfect pet friendly option for your home.

The backing keeps water from reaching the subfloor,

creating less of a mess and no problems later

on down the road.





Hydrotek Waterproof Hardwood

Hydrotek, a Carpet One exclusive, is an engineered

hardwood plank made from select cuts of your favorite

woods reinforced to manage the most vexing challenges.

These 100% waterproof planks can handle it all from heavy

wear to major spills- without compromising your vision.





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