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Pet-Friendly Flooring

Pet-Friendly Flooring 


Do you have pets that run around your home, wreaking havoc? Maybe you are thinking about adopting a new puppy or an elderly cat. Whatever your specific home has, Casey Carpet One Floor & Home is here to help. We carry an extensive collection of pet-friendly flooring that will be there for you on some of the craziest days. Whether you have one pet, multiple pets, or pets that usually behave themselves, it’s always a wise choice to consider pet-friendly flooring. You’ll appreciate the investment in pet-friendly flooring because of its many features and long-lasting nature, we’re sure of it!


Pet-Friendly Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring is flooring that is constructed using materials that are 100% waterproof. Waterproof floors save your home from disasters by keeping spills and accidents on top of the surface, rather than allowing them to penetrate deep below. If you have pets, they can cause damages by having a bathroom accident or spilling food, so waterproof flooring is an excellent choice. 


We carry waterproof flooring in two different types, luxury vinyl, and tile. Luxury vinyl is a top choice for homeowners who want the wood-look without the maintenance. Especially ideal for homes with pets, luxury vinyl is both durable and strong, plus, it is easy to maintain. 


Tile is another type of flooring that we have in many colors and styles, and if you want to create a space that is uniquely yours,  you can do it with tile. Tile is sturdy and won’t move after installation, and it has been around for many years, proving it is a worthwhile choice. 


Pet-Friendly Carpet 

Carpet is the softest flooring choice, and today, there are stain-resistant carpets that can make your life easier with pets. Our exclusive brands Relax, it’s…Lees® and Tigressá® both have products that are made with pets in mind.




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