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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in Texas

Carpet is much more than just a comfy landing spot! Don’t believe what you might have heard: carpet can now be confidently enjoyed in almost any room. Indeed, today’s carpets can easily stand up to moisture, wear, and everyday challenges.


Discover an incredible residential and commercial carpet selection at the region’s best flooring store,  Casey Carpet One Floor & Home in Lubbock and Amarillo, TX. We’ve got it all right here, including carpet tile, area rugs, and carpet runners for stairs.


With a bit of help from our experts, we trust you’ll soon be on your way to an elegant carpet you’ll love for years to come.


Best Types of Carpet

Carpet fibers, which we sometimes call “carpet pile,” will decide how each carpet functions and feels.


Your carpet pile can be either synthetic or natural. A carpet that works well with both you and your lifestyle is important when thinking about your happiness in the long term.


There are five different types of carpets to consider.


  • Nylon is a popular fiber in today’s world. It is a durable material that must be treated to become stain resistant.


  • Polyester is an alternative to nylon, and it is a bit less costly. Polyester doesn’t always, but sometimes needs be treated to make it stain-resistant.


  • Olefin is known for its appearance in Berber and loop carpets. It is best for low-traffic rooms that don’t get a lot of traffic, like formal living rooms.


  • Triexta is a naturally stain-resistant fiber, which makes it incredibly unique. It does not need to be treated, and it’s a sturdy material.


  • Wool is unlike the other fibers because it is a natural carpet fiber. Wool is best known for its softness, it’s bright colors, and increasing the energy efficiency in the home.



Your carpet’s “type” refers to the way each fiber is attached to the backing. Each type of carpet will react differently to footsteps, heavy furnishings, and spills, so it’s important to pay close attention.



  • Cut-pile carpets are crafted by attaching carpet fibers to the backing. They are then cut, leaving the carpet fiber at a certain length and twist. The length of the fiber that is left can vary depending on the carpet.


  • Loop carpets are constructed using loops of carpet fibers. The length and height of the loops can vary by product.


  • Cut-loop carpets feature both cut and looped fibers attached to a single backing, for a very dense, textured surface.


Can I Have Carpet if I Have Kids or Pets?

Yes, you absolutely can! Many modern carpet options are designed to resist some of the worst types of stains, so read further.

Life moves much faster today, but our comforts seem to have stayed the same as always. Using the latest manufacturing techniques, stain-resistant carpets have specially coated fibers that prevent stains from sinking in and taking hold.


Stain-resistant carpets capture the look and feel of all your traditional carpet and rug favorites, but the differences lie in the way they’re made.  Even stubborn stain-offenders, like red wine and chocolate, are no match for these high-performers.


Caring for stain-resistant carpet is easy! Simply wipe away stains: in most cases, all you need is clean water and a fresh towel. Stain-resistant carpet is a beautiful and smart addition to many different types of residential and commercial settings.


Where Can I Install New Carpet?

Carpet has come a long way in recent years: you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover its many amazing features that allow us to enjoy carpet nearly everywhere.


Still, we don’t recommend using carpet in the bathroom or kitchen, for obvious reasons. Bedrooms, dens, and living rooms are natural habitats for carpet, but don’t rule it out for your stairs, offices, hallways, and play areas.


Don't forget to get your carpet off on the right path with the proper carpet padding underneath! our experts can help you pick the right products. 


Can I Install My Own Carpet?

Most of the time, it really isn’t the smartest idea.


Carpet installation is a very complicated job that’s usually best left up to the experts. It means you’ll need to take perfect measurements (no room for errors here!), have a perfectly clean and level subfloor, and just happen to have a carpet stretcher and other special tools conveniently on hand.


Does this sound like you? If the answer is no, don’t worry - let us handle your carpet installation.


Our professional flooring experts have seen it all and are ready to take on your next residential or commercial installation project. Worry less and get ready to enjoy your new floor without stressing about whether you’ll be covered by your warranty down the road.


Shop Carpet Near You in Lubbock & Amarillo, Texas


Casey Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be a member of the world’s most beloved flooring cooperative. As your flooring company, we’re locally owned and operated- in fact, our flooring family lives and works in the communities we serve. Shop local and shop better: we share our purchasing power with hundreds of other stores around the nation.


Here, you’ll be pleased to encounter all the best carpet brands, along with our exciting exclusive product lines and warranties. Need a colorful, custom area rug? We’ve got you covered!


To learn more, please visit our local flooring showrooms soon in Lubbock or Amarillo, TX, or call us today to arrange a free onsite estimate.


Best Area Rugs

A wall-to-wall area rug is the perfect way to enjoy carpet minus the expense and commitment. We can even create a custom rug that's right for you!
Bedroom with bed and window, grey carpeted floor

Carpet for Commercial Use

Add warmth to your waiting room, or give your boardroom a boost. Carpet is a wonderful commercial flooring option that will help you stay close to the bottom line.
Living room with brown chair, ottoman, and dresser with beige carpet
Living room with fireplace and brown couch, beige carpet

Find the Perfect Carpet for Your Home

Shopping at home is a way of life for many of us these days, so why should carpet be an exception? Begin browsing our carpet right now, wherever you happen to be sitting.

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