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Carpet in Texas

Don’t believe what you might have heard: carpet can now be confidently enjoyed in almost any room. So much more than a comfortable landing spot, today’s carpets can stand up to moisture, wear, and everyday challenges with ease. Discover an incredible carpet flooring inventory at Casey Carpet One Floor & Home in Lubbock and Amarillo, TX. With a bit of help from our experts, we trust you’ll soon be on your way to elegant carpet you’ll love for years to come.


Understanding the Different Types of Carpet


Carpet fibers, or pile, will determine how each carpet functions and feels. Your carpet pile can be either synthetic or natural. Carpet that functions with you and your lifestyle is crucial to your happiness in the long term. There are five different types of carpet to consider.







Wool is unlike the other fibers because it is a natural carpet fiber. Wool is best for its softness and increasing energy efficiency.



The carpet texture and type of a specific carpet product is determined by how the fibers are attached to the backing. There are differences in where the carpet can be installed when it comes to the type of carpet.






Carpet to Combat Common Stains


Life moves much faster today, but our comforts are consistent. Using the latest manufacturing innovations, stain-resistant carpets boast specially coated fibers that prevent stains from seeping in. These specialty carpets capture the look and feel of all your traditional soft-surface favorites.



Even stubborn stain-offenders, like red wine and chocolate, are no match for these high-performers. Simply wipe away stains: in most cases, all you need is clean water and a fresh towel. Stain-resistant carpet is a beautiful and smart addition to diverse types of residential and commercial settings.


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Carpet flooring has undoubtedly come a long way in recent years: you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover its performance capabilities. Bedrooms, dens, and living rooms are natural habitats for carpet installation, but don’t rule it out for your stairs, offices, hallways, and play areas. However, in most instances, carpets aren’t the best option for your kitchen or bathroom.


Explore Our Carpet Selection


Casey Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be a member of the world’s most beloved flooring cooperative. Here, you’ll be pleased to encounter all your favorite carpet brands, along with our exciting exclusive product lines and warranties. Need a colorful, custom area rug? We’ve got you covered To learn more, please visit us soon in Lubbock or Amarillo, TX.



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Carpet Care

Whether you have a home full of children or pets or want

to maintain your carpet to ensure it lasts as long as

possible, you’ll love our easy-to-follow guide on

how to clean and maintain the carpet in your home.